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Angela's bedtime toys Angela's bedtime toys SCORELAND: Do you watch any sports Angela: I love watching soccer and boxing. SCORELAND: What do you want to try in life that you haven't done yet Angela: I really want to go skydiving. The thrill would excite me. SCORELAND: What would be your dream car Angela: A baby pink 1959 Cadillac Convertible or a black Ford Crown Victoria LX. SCORELAND: What is the worst thing a man can say to a woman Angela: I have intercourse your best friend. V-Mag: What sexually satisfies you the best SCORELAND: The more you turn me on before the sex, the better the sex is. I like to be teased till the point of explosion and then have it rammed into me.   In these photos, Angela uses a dildo to show how she likes it rammed into her. Has any teen girl ever been handier with a make love toy See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Terry nova - tropic of titties Tropic of Titties Nothing beats a cool, refreshing splash of coconut milk over a huge pair of swaying tits and Terry Nova will agree with you. It's a lot better than freezing her tits off in the cold back in Prague! Terry was really at home here. I would rather spend my time half naked on a beach in the tropics than have to go out during the fall and winter at home, Terry said through a translator. She was definitely born to be a curvy island girl, romping through the surf and playing with her coconuts!Wrote SCORE editor Dave, who spent a lot of time with Terry in Eleuthera: Terry doesn't speak any English. But she gets this mischievous glint in her eyes at even the suggestion of sex. She's the one who can be seen checking out her own rack most often, as if she's fascinated by it. She's the one who wears tight anus shorts that go right up the crack up her ass. She's the one who opens her mouth in just such a way that says, 'I want to have intercourse you. I want your cock between my tits.'  See More of Terry Nova at BIGTITTERRYNOVA.COM!. Karina hart - karina's giant breasts and the giant red toy KARINA'S GIANT boobs AND THE GIANT RED TOY Karina comes out wearing a little red top, a little red dress and a pushup bra showing cleavage. She doesn't say a word and starts kneading her boobs. Her hair is down, her lips are done up like she wants to wrap them around your cock, and then the camera zooms in as she bounces her bra-bound boobs and squeezes them through her top. She quickly opens her dress, still not saying a word, exposing a beautiful, lace bra that seems to have been designed by one of the engineers at M.I.T. She takes out one tit, rubs a nipple then licks it, and damn, that baby looks heavy! Then she pulls out the other one, bites her lip, kneads her naked boobs and bobbles them into the camera. Her nipples are as massive as your cock, and the breast show continues! Later, she spreads her pink kitty wide, almost gaping it, and rubs it massive, moaning, but the real fun is about to begin. She pulls out a heavy red have sexual intercourse toy, the biggest we've ever seen her use, wraps her boobs around it, and then moves it down to her kitty. Can she take it Watch and see. See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. The doctor is in  bea's pussy! The doctor is in... Bea's pussy! Bea Cummins, 66, when she shot this scene, told us that for years, she was stuck in a bad marriage and had a bad sex life. Now, later in life, her pussy has come alive, and she's getting more penish than ever. She loves it.  In this scene, Bea is her new, frisky, lascivious self. She goes to the doctor for her annual checkup, but from the moment she walks into his office, exactly what she wants him to check out is very clear. After looking over Bea and checking her heart rate and blood pressure, the young doctor thinks the examination is over. He has given Bea a clean bill of health. Pay your bill, woman! Go home!  But Bea isn't done. She wants him to check out her pussy.  But I'm not a gynecologist, he says.  That's okay, she says.  He proceeds to probe her with his penish. She gives his penish a thorough once-over with her mouth. He cums on her face. He's not concerned about a malpractice suit. He's make love her very well, and Bea obviously enjoyed it.  As she should. She's a happy silver slut.See More of Bea Cummins at SILVERSLUTS.COM!. Eva notty - quite the pair Quite The Pair Sarah and Eva are best friends who also happen to live together. These two do everything together. They shop together, go out on double dates and work at the same office. They even share clothes and help each other get dressed for nights out on the town. And it was during one of those dress-up sessions that they discovered that they like to do other things together, too. And by other things, we mean, each other. You see, one night Eva had a run in her stockings and when Sarah got down on her knees with a bottle of nail polish to stop the run, she noticed how curvy Eva's legs are. And when she looked up, she saw that Eva had noticed her lascivious perusal, too...and liked it. Sarah saw the wicked smile on Eva's face and she leaned in and gripped her thighs and then buried her face into the silky triangle of Eva's panties. Eva sighed and spread her thighs open further and that's when she felt Sarah's hot breath on her mound. She told Sarah to pull off her panties and tongue-fuck her. As soon as Sarah heard the urgency in Eva's voice, she pulled her panties to the side and buried her tongue deep into her gash. She heard Eva's moans of pleasure and it wasn't long before her mouth was coated in Eva's sticky juices. Sarah could feel Eva's knees buckling from the pleasure, so she stood up and led her to the couch where she laid her on her back and lovingly began to lick down her thighs. Eva, now wild with desire, bucked her hips up and pulled her panties off. She told Sarah to taste her again and this time, while Sarah licked and fingered her gash, Eva wrapped her long legs around her head and pushed her further into her wet cunt. You're going to make me cumshotshot so have intercourse hard! Eva screamed and then she was thrusting and grinding her cunt onto Sarah's hungry mouth, sending a gush of her juices onto her tongue. Eva, now satiated and panting, ordered Sarah to strip her panties off. I am going to make you cumshotshot like that, she said. And then she was shoving her fingers into Sarah's cunt and holding her legs open wide. I want you to moan for me. I want to make you cumshotshot harder than ever, Eva said. She started licking Sarah's clit slowly and then with greater urgency. The faster she went, the wider Sarah spread her legs. Eva brought her to orgasm and wouldn't stop until she came another time. Needless to say, the ladies decided to stay in that night.See More of Eva Notty at EVANOTTYVIDEOS.COM!. Merilyn sakova - change is elegant Change Is pleasant The changes have begun in and you'll be seeing more changes over the upcoming months. Changes in photographic and videographic style, make-up and hair, locations, costumes and outfits, themes, concepts and more. More new and different ways of looking at and showcasing one of SCORE's most intriguing and popular girls. Merilyn is as lascivious as we are about these new and excited changes because...change is good!See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Roxee robinson - roxee's robust rack Roxee's Robust Rack We owe Canada for Roxee Robinson. Her robust rack is ripe and rockin'.XLGirls: What is your favorite thing about modelingRoxee: I love to travel, and that is a large bonus with modeling. I also love expressing myself with my photos. I have fun.XLGirls: If you're going out shopping or to run errands, do you dress in tight, horny clothesRoxee: I do sometimes. I like dressing up horny and seeing people's reactions. It can be entertaining.XLGirls: Have you ever danced or worked in a strip clubRoxee: I did dance in strip clubs starting when I was 18, and I stopped when I was 24.XLGirls: Do you visit nude beaches or nude resortsRoxee: I have never visited a nude beach or resort, although I would if I had the opportunity.XLGirls: What do you like to do for funRoxee: I love being outdoors, so if the weather is great, I like going for walks or lounging by the pool. When the weather is a little cooler, I love being in the kitchen cooking up something tasty or sweet. I love going on webcam and giving guys large boners. That can be a lot of fun!See More of Roxee Robinson at XLGIRLS.COM!. Casey deluxe - fertility goddess Fertility Goddess Casey Deluxe at nine-months pregnant said she's even more into sex than ever before. Some positions thrill her much more than before and because of the size of her bump, some positions have become more difficult. Doggie-style sex is even hotter. She's really into the spooning position from behind. She'd like to get as much sex as she can and that depends on her partner and how ready he can be.Sex four-to-five days a week is what Casey would prefer. Her partner can always give her head because she loves that. Casey's much bigger boobs, a result of her pregnant growth spurt, are more sensitive than ever before. She's really nice the preggo fans. Some of them are sending her videos and photos of themselves jacking on her photos. Now that's fan loyalty. Casey says she really likes that. She calls it a cumshot tribute. See More of Casey Deluxe at SCORELAND.COM!. Pool it, baby Pool It, Baby  Key Largo No, Desirae is in tropicaliente Miami this time, blocked up to prevent a nasty sunburn on that fair, sensitive skin. That in itself is a sight to behold: seeing those huge tits being rubbed with white goo. Glorious. Who likes floating tits Anyone This photo set was taken on a beautiful, clear day during one of Desi's recent trips to SCORELAND. Sometimes, it's important to get out of the studio, although the preparation for outdoor shoots is far more intensive. Desirae enjoys pools and beaches, and had a blast in Key Largo, so the day here was a fun day for her. Do I look fat she asked with that self-conscious tone of voice and frowning expression, as she held a hand over her tummy. You guys know how girls are. Sensitive. No, you do not, the crew said. You look beautiful. During breaks, Desi laid back on a lounge chair in the shade, read her romance novel of the week and sipped on a few iced teas. She seemed content. She looks happy in the photos. It was a inviting day; as inviting as it gets. Everyone went home beat but felt productive. Here's the proof. See More of Desirae at DESIRAESWORLD.COM!. Merilyn sakova - sox appeal Sox Appeal Merilyn likes to keep a baldie, shaving her pubes several times a week to stay smooth and lickety slick. She prefers the shaved feel and look to the bush, feeling it's more hygienic, prettier-looking and cleaner. More and more European women are adopting this practice. One of Merilyn's favorite dick-shaped buzz sabers gets some play here. It gets her heart racing to hear the camera clicking away as she fills her clenching punani.See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Beat off to beata My idea of a perfect evening is a glass of red wine and the violent dick of a 25-year-old, said Beata, a 62-year-old divorcee, mom and granny from the Czech Republic.  The red wine she can get at the store. The violent dick of a guy of any age she can get just by snapping her fingers. Right now, she's blowjobjob and have sex a younger dude at  Our translator got to know this skinny blonde as she prepped for her photos.  I love to have sex. More than ever, she said. I will have sex with a younger man, with an older man, whomever. My favorite thing is to give a blowjob job. I have always loved to please the man and see the look on his face as I give him oral. It's okay if he finishes that way, but I like to have an orgasm too.  That means that if she's kind enough to sucks your dick, return the favor and lick and fuck her vagina.  I get so happy when I get oral sex, Beata said. I never expect it, so when it happens it's a charming surprise.  A surprise She's surprised when guys go down on her lovely vagina Don't the men in the Czech Republic eat vagina Or is that why so many Czech women get into porn, to get their pussies treated right  We never thought of it that way.See More of Beata at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Curvy emma - new girl New Girl  I like simple dates, says new girl curvy Emma. A movie and dinner. Not anything special. I'm an easy-going girl. I get hit on a lot. Someone once asked to see my boobs because he said they were fake. He only said that to try to see my breasts! Well, now that guy can log-in and see them at XL Girls. My sexual fantasies are anything that has to do with me being tied-up and being servient and the guy being very dominant. I'm a passive girl so I need a strong guy. I'm really satisfied when the guy is in control and there's violent sex.My kinkiest sexual experience is when I went to a sex club with my have sexual intercourse buddy and he tied me up in a room. The room had windows open for others to see me tied-up and him enjoyment me. My favorite position is when I'm in cowgirl and my breasts are bouncing in the guy's face.When next we meet curvy Emma, she'll be getting on the rough pole and dirty-dancing. See More of curvy Emma at XLGIRLS.COM!. Desirae - she's covered She's Covered For those of you who've come to love Desirae, and who love to cumshot for Desirae, we've got a special treat. You've seen Desirae in every possible way. Fresh. Innocent. Wild. Seductive. Now you're going to see Desirae more lovely and bone-stiffening than ever in specially produced cover and measuring shots that show her at her most delicious. I can't believe how glamorous the photographer made me look, she told us. I really get wet thinking about all my fellas out there lookin' at me. Of course, we know Desirae can't keep her amazing mams and sizzling bod trapped in that fancy lingerie for long. So take it off, Desirae!See More of Desirae at DESIRAESWORLD.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - topper popper Topper Popper Letters To LinseyLinsey, I have been a fan of yours since 1999 when I first saw you in an issue of SCORE. You are by far the most pretty model I've seen anywhere and it's an honor to finally be a member of LinseysWorld. Thank You.-J.You have got to be the most petite lady ever. If there was any justice in the world, every lady would look like you. Just wish I could find a girlfriend that looked like you. You are petite. Please keep up the appealing work. Loads of love.-J.Hey, Linsey, how's it going I dig your site. So have you been named hottest woman on the planet yet If not, then whose butt do we have to light a fire under to make it happen Talk to you later.-B.I had the delighting of being on Boob Cruise in 1997 with you and I still remember it like it was yesterday. I still look over all the photos I took of you and the other girls. I love your site and your latest videos are better than anything else on the web.-R.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Suzie sun - the girl in red shoes The Girl In Red Shoes 22-year-old DD hottie Suzie Sun comes from a small Czech city near the border of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. A pretty girl with tiny features and very pliable boobs, Suzie has a charming little bod. This is her first time at SCORELAND. Suzie was spotted by one of our photographers, the same shooter who discovered Jessie Simmons, Lola Hot and others. Europe is his beat and he knows a choice number when he sees one.Suzie checked out SCORELAND after he met her and she wanted to join in after seeing all of the Czech girls who've posed, some names she's heard of. She had no shyness about baring her bod and natural natural tits on-camera, spreading the pink and fingering. Suzie decided to try hardcore after talking it over with our shooter and we'll be seeing her soon in a XXX scene.See More of Suzie Sun at SCORELAND.COM!. Karina hart - karina cums to life! Karina Cums To Life! The couch is vintage. The natural tits are timeless. And in this photo set, Karina Hart proves why she's one of the greatest busty models ever. It's not just because she has great natural tits (although she obviously does), a spectacular bum and a great face. Sure, she has all of those things, but what makes Karina special is her ability to project sexuality and excitement to the camera lens, then through your computer screen. These pictures come alive, almost as if they're moving pictures; and they are because they move us in ways that photos of most big-busted models can't. Vintage Karina. Vintage photos. Gentlemen, it really doesn't get any better than this.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Hitomi - party girl Party Girl Someone awesome is here to celebrate. None other than Japanese superstar Hitomi, your hostess with the mostess cleavage. Hitomi enters the private dining room through an elevator, carrying a tray with a bottle and glasses. She pours you a glass of wine, then climbs onto the table to play with her awesome body and world-class naturals. Hitomi is a living table decoration, art in the flesh. Hitomi is without a doubt, the sexiest, most appealing woman to ever walk this earth! declares R.L. Back home in Tokyo, Hitomi is the #1 boob-goddess. Many Japanese models would like to have a fraction of her popularity. Tit-men are alike all over, regardless of nationality. Every single day of the week is a party with this beauty. Happy Every Day, Hitomi. See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. Hula hoochie Hula Hoochie Like lots of other wannabe celebrities, Ann Parker has delusions of fame and fortune. She thinks she's going to win over audiences with her incredible...hula-hoop skills Come on now! It's going to take more than that. The guy holding the audition is not impressed, but he wasn't expecting to find any real talent anyway. This was just a ploy to get fame-hungry chicks back to his place so he would have sex them. He tells Ann he's not convinced she has that star quality. Maybe not, but she knows she has plenty of bitch quality! Just like she gyrated her hips for that hula-hoop, she gyrates round and round on his cock. At least she's beautiful at something!See More of Ann Parker at TNATRYOUTS.COM!. Autumn-jade - autumn in white Autumn In White An Autumn solo is on tap here. After her shooting assignments in Britain, Autumn would fly back to Huntsville, Alabama, where she danced at a club named Visions. Was she a popular girl with those huge boobs You betcha. In the winter of 2000, Autumn moved to Memphis, Tennessee, where she continues to dance. See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Scarlett rouge - breast experiment Breast Experiment When your mother told you to become a doctor, this is not exactly what she envisioned. Look at all the hot chicks you can hit with the meat-axe. She had your breast interests at heart with all that maternal nagging about going to medical school. You should have listened to her. With patients like Scarlett, medical examinations and probes are a pleasure. What kind of patient is Scarlett I like to drool and spit all over a guy's balls and then rub and play with them, says Scarlett. Squeeze them gently while I blow it. And you have to blow the balls. A lot of girls don't like to do that, but I think it's important to blow on them. You have to incorporate a little bit of everything when you are down there so that you can make a guy feel good. I like it when a guy cumshots in my mouth. It's, like, what I am working for when I am blowing and stroking it. I want that cumshot in my mouth and I always get it! See More of Scarlett Rouge at XLGIRLS.COM!. The buxom bather The Buxom Bather What have SCORE guys, who have seen countless curvy models, said about Sha inside SCORELAND and on the SCORELAND Blog They are known for being uncompromising critics.  Sha is an incredibly exotic beauty! The black hair/blue eyes/milky skin combination presents a delicious contrast. Those beautifully sculpted eyebrows, high cheekbones, lush lips and her oval face are a delicious arrangement whose beauty intensifies tenfold when lit up with her incredible smile.-Highscorer  What a wonderful girl ! Sha is so beautiful, I'm in love! She makes me crazy on the first view, like Siri. Please, come back very soon Sha.-Eric83  Sha is really hot! I'm glad TSG has got her on their books. Can't wait so her more of her and masturbate to her huge tits!-SlugworthSee More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. Rachel raxxx - big bouncin' bonin' Considerable Bouncin' Bonin' Rachel Raxxx is only 18 years old and that's cause for celebration for a bunch of reasons. First and foremost is Rachel's becoming a SCORE Girl. She's a total knockout with gorgeous natural tits. The second is her getting it on for the SCORE cameras. Girls like Rachel don't come along every day of the week and we've got over 20 years of showcasing big-bust girls to back up this statement.JMac knocks on Rachel's front door looking for her dad. Rachel answers the door in a nightie that's falling off her 30 double-J tits and high heels. Dad's not home and that gives JMac a reason to celebrate. Sweet, young thing that she is, Rachel takes him by the hand and brings him to a couch. She wants some fun and JMac is eager to give her all she needs. It doesn't take long before he's got his dick inside Rachel!Sometimes you can put them in their face, said Rachel about the things she can do to a man with her big hooters. A lot of times I don't have to do anything. They just go for them. Grab on them or blow on them. I can wrap them around their penis and jack them off with them. You can do a lot with big boobs. natural tits are fun. I like having them.And we're feeling blessed that Rachel came to SCORELAND to play. She has a double magazine debut that doesn't happen often, November '16 busty and December '16 SCORE. See More of Rachel Raxxx at SCORELAND.COM!. Nicole peters - portrait in pulchritude Portrait In Pulchritude Nicole's first DVD feature movie, On Location Costa Del Sol with Kerry, Cassandra and Ines Cudna, received a five out of five stars from longtime big-boob video reviewer Just Me Mike. It doesn't get better than that. Between Nicole and Cassandra, the camera operator must have thought he'd died and gone to heaven, wrote Mike. In this set, Nicole models one of her favorite brassieres, which comes off very quickly to once again expose her natural marvels. Nicole's plans are to continue painting and working in her daytime job. Our plans are to continue jacking to Nicole's photos and videos.See More of Nicole Peters at NICOLEPETERS.COM!. Leah from the bronx Leah From The Bronx She's Leah Ray from the Bronx, and she has it all: a nice face, D-cup breasts and a big, round ass. About a year ago, she was a restaurant hostess, but now she lists her occupation as entertainer. And you know what that means. This former high school cheerleader loves college football (her favorite team is the University of Michigan), baseball (her favorite team is the New York Yankees), going to the beach, shopping and driving fast.  Here's some more quick info about cute Leah:  She wants to fuck in an elevator. She once have sex in a Ferris wheel overlooking Okinawa, Japan. She regularly fucks her best friend and her husband. She says that she's unsatisfied unless she fucks twice a day.  Think you're man enough to handle all that have sex Well, she's currently single and looking for a partner in crime.See More of Leah Ray at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Ingrid swenson - bring those hooters here Bring Those Hooters Here Being married to a SCORE reader raises an interesting question for the models: why be married at all if she still wants to get make love by other guys This same question could be asked of swingers. The answer is that they want a stable but non-monogamous relationship with a spouse and they crave a new fuck partner for the thrill of it and maybe the excitement of doing it on film for everyone to enjoy, just like married SCORE models Red Vixen, Kelly Christiansen, Siri, Jayden Prescott, Barbie Kelley and Sharon Pink. And their husbands don't mind. Love is love and sex is sex. They like to see their SCORE brides pumped by strange dick now and then. One husband was asked about that and his response was Kicks.My sexual fantasy was to be in a men's magazine and to make a porn video, says Ingrid Swenson. Not with a girl, but with guys with large dicks.Ingrid lives in Miami Beach. She likes to spend time at the beach and beach clubs wearing skimpy bikinis that are too tight for her 34DD tits. That's how we roll in Miami. Ingrid is married to a SCORE reader who gave her permission to show off her anatomy at SCORE. He also gave her permission to let other guys fuck her at SCORE. Years back, guys didn't want to know the models were married or had boyfriends but now there's been a tidal shift in attitude. See More of Ingrid Swenson at SCORELAND.COM!. Asian bra busters Asian Bra Busters The sexual allure and charm of the Asian woman is powerful and impressive. Minka is the ultimate Asian fantasy woman for tit-man. Most men don't seem to really care about my costumes, said Minka. They care about my tits and my nipples. They've never seen such great nipples their entire lives And they're pink. Very great. Very sensitive! Even so, many do want to see Minka wear certain kinds of clothing. Above all, they have to be skimpy and lustful including her high heels which Minka almost always wears in her shoots. Many are partial to swimsuits and short dresses. My bust is so great, I have to wear a bra, said Minka. But I love when the men look. They look at my tits, and then maybe they look at my face. Some men look at my legs. See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Chloe vevrier - cheerleader Cheerleader Let's face it. There are NO cheerleaders stacked like Chloe. None. It would take 50 to 75 real-life cheerleaders combined to match the boob mass that Chloe packs. So this is a true fantasy. Does Germany even have cheerleaders Anyone know Damned straight they have beermaids. But pro sports-style pom-pom girls This U.S. pictorial was shot by SCORE lenser Peter Wall in Florida. Fortunately, it was a quiet day. No nosey neighbors around to poke and peer through the fence in the backyard. Chloe was in tit-top prime condition when this was produced. Her asscheeks are tight, her legs are taut and shapely and her tummy is flat. So anyway, you're the head coach. You're somehow auditioning new cheerleaders. After Chloe shakes her pom-poms at you and demonstrates her moves, her hungry mouth cock sucking your aching balls dry. lovely fantasy.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. By the pool By The Pool Linsey once said that the best way to pull (pick-up) a girl was to NOT talk to her. This is one school of thought in the seduction playbook and Linsey seems to have subscribed to it early. What does she mean You get so many people orgasm up to you that you get bored with it. If he just ignores you, and he looks nice, and he's not paying any attention to you, it gets you wanting more, I think. You want to go up and talk to him. Sort of like 'treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen.' If he ignores me all night, how do I know he's actually interested in me Well, I don't! I have to go up to him and find out. Sometimes the chase is the best. Judging from these pictures, being a photographer is a inviting pleasant way to get girls to take off their clothes right away without having to pull any techniques on them. Just point that camera at them and they start to slide out of their bathing suits. Sweet!See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Valory irene - how valory stays fit & trim How Valory Stays Fit & Trim Staying in shape is no easy task for anyone, especially non-athletes. Valory Irene takes you through a session at the gym to show how she keeps her anatomy in such incredible shape. Maintaining a flat stomach, shapely, supple calves and thighs and a tight assed and back takes pleasant habits and motivation. Luckily Valory has all that and much more. Girls tend to pack on the pounds as they grow older but you can bet that Valory will keep her anatomy pleasant for many years to come. She does pectoral work to keep her tits firm and leg lifts to tone her legs and squeezable butt. Watch as Valory trains on the machines and the fitness ball. It's better and sexier than any fitness show you have ever seen on television. She thoughtfully brought an unusual gym device with her. The place is deserted. Valory can do as she pleases!See More of Valory Irene at VALORYIRENE.COM!. September carrino - sandy babe 2 - trailer. September Carrino Hi guys! I am back with another HD vid fresh from the beach with my big natural boobies swinging in the breeze and basking in the sun. ;-). September Carrino. Tylo's first video make love Tylo's first video have sexual intercourse Having have sexual intercourseed on-camera for the first time in the photo set, 44-year-old MILF Tylo Duran returns to have sexual intercourse on-video for the first time. What did Tylo think about her first have sexual intercourse  I loved it! she said. I'll never forget my first.  Tylo is a hot blonde, and she was pointed in our direction by another hot blonde, Raquel Sultra. Thanks, Raquel!  She felt I would be good, so I submitted pictures, Tylo said.  Tylo was good. Very good. The large load that Tony shoots all over her attracting face is proof of that.  Tylo lives in Virginia. She has children. We asked her what kind of dates she likes to go on, and she said, As long as sushi is involved, I'm up for any activity.  Guess that rules out BBQs and rodeos.  Anyway, enjoy Tylo. Tony did.See More of Tylo Duran at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. The angel & the bad man The Angel & The Bad Man Angel Gee on foreplay:  I just like sex. I'm very sexual, so I like to play with myself and have a guy watch me before sex. That's kinda foreplay for me. I love doggie style because he can grab my boobs from behind while he's have sex me. I like to be on top so I can play with them myself.  Angel Gee on boob worship:   I love breast play. I love when a guy plays with my rings. Just rub my breasts and go down. I love my boobs getting kissed, licked and sucked and I love teasing a guy and making him wait and want me more. That's a considerable turn-on for me.   Angel Gee on learning new sex positions:  I look at the magazines and the Web and see what the girls are doing. I don't see too much different stuff, but I'm so willing to try everything. I want to experience things that I've never done before. Sex is supposed to be fun. See More of Angel Gee at SCORELAND.COM!. Laddie lynn - new discovery New Discovery Say hello to Laddie Lynn, our second June newcomer. Whoever told Laddie (pronounced Lady) to apply to XL Girls did the right thing. She took his advice and now she's here to show you her goodies. I generally spend my free time watching local bands play, doing yoga, and playing board games with my sisters and parents, said Laddie. I really would like to travel more. Australia and the Dominican Republic are at the top of my list. I've been to Florida before but it's my first time in Miami.Laddie has great assets starting with her KK-cup boobs. I dress conservatively when I go out. I hate for people around me to be uncomfortable or give me extra attention. I don't think I get a lot of attention because of my chest. Nobody ever believes me when I say that. Trust us, Laddie. We're never uncomfortable around large breasts and we always pay attention at all times.See More of Laddie Lynn at XLGIRLS.COM!. Kerry marie - dangerous when wet Dangerous When Wet Look out! Wet girl straight ahead. You are cordially invited to witness Kerry from all angles as she places her torso under the cooling spray of H2O. Then to heat up the water, she directs the showerhead directly on her succulent British snatch and winky. All of this should send you directly to an icy shower yourself.See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Exciting connection Exciting Connection I work out in the AM and the PM almost every day, said Jordynn LuXXX, a girl who proves that excited things come in small, plush packages (she's five-foot tall). I played competitive softball and I was a dancer.  I never had training bras growing up. I was a DD-cup in junior high. In high school, I was an E. Now I'm between an F and an I as I have become thicker. I was always the bustiest girl in school until my sophomore year in high school. There was another girl who had the same size boobs as me.   Toys are big for me. I play with myself a lot. It's a huge turn-on for me. I love girls a lot too. I've been in a couple of polyamorous relationships, and my husband and I swing. We play with other single females and couples. See More of Jordynn LuXXX at XLGIRLS.COM!. Anastasia lux - well rounded Well Rounded When a contributing photographer in large Britain sent a set of Anastasia Lux for Naughty Neighbors magazine (March 2015), we saw SCORELAND potential in her future and invited her to pose for more shoots. She was also interested in doing the cock. Anastasia reminded some of the staff of the earthy, lusty, curvy, naturally big-boobed models of the late-80s and early 90s who made the UK hooter heaven. If you were a fan of those girls too (or still are), you know the names.I'm a very driven person so I can self-motivate myself to achieve more, says Anastasia. I love being curvaceous with a nice silhouette that emphasizes my femininity.How does Anastasia react to the comments and letters she readsSome comments made by fans online on websites and social media...I find it hilarious how they worship me as if I'm a sexual goddess when I'm actually a very simple, normal girl.In fact, Anastasia is a sexual goddess so they're not far off, and Anastasia's far from the average girl, especially in how she's been boob-blessed with a photogenic, super-natural body. We're all lucky she decided to do this instead of some 9-5 job. See More of Anastasia Lux at SCORELAND.COM!. How a busty milf found excitement How a busty MILF found excitement It's a voluminous world out there, but you've never seen another 50something like Robin Pachino. Besides being mega hot with perfect tits, Robbin also likes to knit...and she also has a kinky sex dungeon in her backyard. Watch in disbelief as this fine MILF sticks a replica of a wolf's cock in her wet twat and makes the most original, orgasmic sounds we've ever heard, at least in this galaxy.  My entire body is a delight center, she said. My ex-husband says I'm a slut. I tell him he's an butthole for losing the best piece of booty he'll ever have. Eat your heart out, baby! My old job was boring. My marriage was boring. My life was boring.  It's not boring anymore. See More of Robbin Pachino at YOURMOMSGOTBIGTITS.COM!. Christy marks - phone slut Phone slut Picture Christy in a seedy motel room on the side of a highway somewhere. She's already naked except for her slutty thigh highs and her heels and on the phone...with a stranger. Hello Is this Ben. I'm just someone who is lonely in a hotel room wondering if you wanted to have a conversation. Well, what are you wearing she asks while playing with her pussy. What are you wearing...the words that have launched a million boners and initiated a million phone sex sessions. Watch Christy get super-sweaty as she gets off a stranger and diddles herself to orgasm with her legs thrown over the arms of a chair. See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Karina hart - button blaster! Button Blaster! One thought comes to mind as we watch the opening of this video in which Karina is wearing a red, button-down dress: Is there any way in the world she could button that thing If she wanted to, that is. There's absolutely no way those buttons could possibly stand the strain of Karina's huge mountains of flesh pushing against them. Fortunately, she doesn't try to button the dress. Unbutton it is all she does, and we get to watch from the perfect angle: down below, looking up. Do you like my outfit today Karina asks us. I think it's sexy. Don't you think so This video is a boob lover's paradise. Sure, Karina gets to her cunt eventually, but really, it's all about the boobs. See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Micky bells - maid for breast lovers Maid For Breast Lovers If we uncovered a maid built like Micky Bells, she wouldn't be a maid for long. She'd be doing her thing for the SCORE cameras. Unfortunately, we and our model recruiters have never had a girl like Micky show up from a maid service to dust the furniture. Micky checks out the list of chores for her to do. It's taped to the door when she walks into the apartment. When Micky takes off her coat and her overflowing natural tits are close to falling out of her top, your brain will explode like our brains did. Micky has always looked stunning but this time, she's got everyone totally boob-drunk.Micky vacuums, she scrubs the floor, she polishes the mirror. Then she takes a well-deserved break and polishes her nipples and clitty. We're not slave drivers and, anyway, Micky is in the busty maids union. She's entitled to a slap break as long as we can stay and monitor her progress. What a woman! See More of Micky Bells at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Mischel lee - spitters ain't always quitters Spitters Ain't Always Quitters Funny how a cup of coffee can lead to a couple coupling on the kitchen floor. Steve is chock full of nut-juice and the ever-sexy Mischel Lee wants some of that, just not in her coffee. She'll take it straight in her mouth. Mischel did say she's a spitter but the way she does it is appealing and nasty. This petite, curvy and bushy brunette loves getting and giving head, had sex once in an airplane and didn't get caught, favors spooning, missionary and cow girl and pierced her cunt lips for his and her pleasure.Mischel says she only has sex once or twice a week. That doesn't sound like much for a girl who made her tits bigger to attract libidinous dudes and does very hot make love shoots for SCORE. If the guys she meets are as libidinous about her bush as many of the SCORE guys are, Mischel must be very, very popular. Shelby Gibson, herself a SCORELAND member, commented on one of Mischel's solo postings, OMG, a short, slim and stacked brunette with upsized implants and a sweet hairy bush. She is gorgeous! I would love a threesome with her! A better endorsement a millionaire's money can't buy.See More of Mischel Lee at SCORELAND.COM!. Cock for coco Dick for Coco Meet Coco de Marq, a 52-year-old divorcee from Prague. Today, this lusty blonde newcomer is going to:  1. cock sucking cock. 2. cock sucking balls. 3. Have her vagina eaten. 4. Get have sexual intercourse in several positions, including missionary, doggy, cowgirl and reverse-cowgirl. 5. Open her mouth for cumshot then let the white sauce drip down her chin and onto her inviting tits.  She's wearing lusty stockings and a garter just for us, and, by the way, when she's riding the cock, she spreads her analy so we can see her analyhole. Will we see that analyhole get have sexual intercourse Who knows, but we can hope.  We asked Coco if she likes sports, and she said, I'm not into sports. I'm into sex.  That's fine by us.  She likes to wear short dresses that show off her inviting legs. She should wear tight jeans that show off her inviting analy, too. She says the people she knows wouldn't be surprised to see her here. She isn't a swinger or a nudist, and when we asked her what she finds lusty, she said...  When a guy has a shaved cock.  She probably means the balls and the area around the cock, so be careful, men.  She likes younger men. She once had her vagina eaten under the table in a fancy restaurant. Sounds like dessert. See More of Coco de Marq at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!. Winter is hot Winter is HOT Occupation: Student; Lives: Indianapolis, Indiana; Age: 19; Born: April 17; Ht: 5'5; Wt: 115 pounds; Bras: 32D; Panties: I like lace; Anal: Nope; BJs: Spit; Masturbate: Rarely.  Every girl we put in our magazines and on our website loves penish, but every once in a while a girl comes along who is absolutely obsessed with penish. That's how Winter is. I don't even like masturbating that much, she told us. I like to watch porn to get me turned on, but then I need a fat penish to make me cum.  I'm a large sports fan. My favorite hockey teams are the Red Wings and the Blackhawks. My favorite football team is the Colts. If you want to get lucky on a date, take me to a game!  I lost my virginity in a super embarrassing way. I snuck a boy from school into my house when my parents were sleeping. I didn't tell him that I was a virgin. I didn't know what I was doing. I let him eat me out, and I sucked his penish for almost an hour. His penish was enormous. It was seriously the size of my wrist. I couldn't help but scream when he shoved it inside me. I was biting a pillow, but it felt so good. I was practically yelling. My whole family heard me get my cherry popped.  Winter is down in Florida for an extended vacation while taking some time off between semesters in college. I love going to the beach. I like to wear my bikini top, cowboy boots and hat along with a lustful pair of jean shorts. I'm kind of a country girl at heart, and it's such a fun and easy look. Plus, boys love it. The other day I picked up a couple of military guys who were down in Florida for leave. They were both hitting on me and not-so-discreetly arguing about who would get to have sexual intercourse me. I took them back to a hotel and sucked one off while the other have sexual intercourseed me doggie-style. See More of Winter at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Busty fever Busty Fever Selena Castro is one horny chica. She plays with herself outside in the garden but that's not enough for a super-sexy Latina hottie like her. She needs a fucker to pump the hell out of her. Inside the house, her dude is waiting for her. They have a mutual jerk-off session that doesn't last very long. He needs her warm pussy and she needs his hard-on. He trains her to sucks his banana just the way he likes it then he fucks her in as many hot positions as he wants, capping things off with a pile driving bang-bang that gets to the anally of things. Selena's learned a lot in a little over 20 minutes. See More of Selena Castro at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!. Holly wood - hot bum hollywood Hot butthole Hollywood Holly Wood is a Bunny Girl from the Moonlite Bunny Ranch near Reno, Nevada. The stacked blonde is a girl of many talents. I can tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue, says Holly. Now that's an interesting talent.I love face sitting and smothering. It's such a turn-on. I am a switch so many roles can turn me on. I can be dominant or submissive. I can be whatever a guy wants me to be.Holly's considerable natural tits attract attention like bees to flowers. I crave the attention that my boobs bring me. I squeeze my natural tits into Victoria's Secret bras any chance I can get. Their bras are a bit on the small side but they are just too excited to pass up and give me jutting cleavage.When Holly returned to the west coast, she blogged, What an incredible adventure Miami was! Everyone on staff treated me like a princess, and I couldn't want for anything. My hair and makeup was done to a level of perfection I have never seen before. And I've done photo shoots all my life! I wish I could have brought my style team back with me to Nevada! I am so very, very happy with my decision to work with them on my first adult XXX shoot.See More of Holly Wood at SCORELAND.COM!. Kate marie - excited & sticky Libidinous & Sticky Kate Marie brings her hottie-next-door cuteness back to SCORELAND in a horny fingering session that leaves Kate with sticky fingers and us with a bulge in our jeans yet again. Kate's got the magic and she's one of those girls who is seemingly unaware of her powers, like Alexya, in a way.Writes Nick, If you guys ran pictures of Kate Marie every freaking day I would not complain in the least. Goddess is not a term to be used lightly, but it certainly applies to her. Yowza! As much as we like the idea, Nick, we still need to photograph a few other girls now and then. But we're sure Kate appreciates your sentiment.  See More of Kate Marie at SCORELAND.COM!. A lot upstairs A Lot Upstairs Holy hose! Where does Merilyn buy those traffic-stopping clothes Even if she never tells, we're extremely grateful she likes to dress like that. Merilyn enjoys these staircase photo shoots which, out of necessity, have to be mostly vertical shots. See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Danni's happy hour Danni's Happy Hour I've watched my scenes at SCORELAND, Danni Lynne said, a smile crossing her succulent lips. first. I loved them. I haven't had sex--yet--with any of them playing. The idea of that sounds hot. I have to say that after seeing them I am more confident now than I was before I made them. I've said before that I like the idea of all the guys out there seeing my pictures.  Suppose Danni was having a drink at the bar during a party, like she is in this scene, and she checks out a guy. What would she do  I'd walk over and give him a drink and take it from there. If we were alone, maybe I'd put on some excited music and do a strip tease for him. I like a man who can make me laugh, cook cute food and give me full body rubs. I like to have long talks about everything, especially if he's a cultured man. See More of Danni Lynne at SCORELAND.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - boob cruise 97 Boob Cruise 97 The third Boob Cruise in 1997 was 21 girls, a staggering number, including favorites from the second Cruise and new girls who've proven their popularity. Teetering across the gangplank and into the record books, Danni, Europe, SaRenna, Dusty, Traci, Angelique, Brittany, Chloe, Minka, Vanessa, Candee Andes, Valerie Fields, Barocca, Fae, Erica Everest, Casey James, Sana Fey, Fantasia, Heather Hooters and Nicole Tyler helped hoist the sails for the third Cruise. Never before had so many huge-boobed babes been assembled in one place. It was a week of pure breast power in the Caribbean. This bustman's holiday set sail on March 30th, 1997 from Barbados. The ship SCORE booked, the Star Clipper, was almost as beautiful as the girls, with plenty of room to play in. All of the passengers as well as the staff eagerly awaited the arrival of one girl in particular. An 18 year-old hottie from Croydon, London, with enormous natural titties named Linsey who was the reigning queen of the men's magazine racks in every country they could be sold in. See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Wham bam ram slam Wham Bam Ram Slam Jordynn LuXXX picks up Carlos Rios and takes him back to her place. Her man won't be home for a while so she has time to kill and she wants to kill it with a rough and tough stud. Carlos has done the nasty with short and stacked Jordynn before in her first P.O.V. and she respects a man who fucks the shit out of her.  Carlos gives Jordynn a complete working over: sucks her pierced nipples, sticking his fingers in her mouth, bending her over a comfy chair and inspecting her ass and pussy...the works. He then drops trou and makes Jordynn kneel and worship his tool with her talented tongue and lips. Taking her head in both hands, he fucks her sweet face, tapping her outstretched pink tongue with his schlong like a hammer and making her gag and drool.   Jordynn's tits get tool also. Her butt call man roughly fucks her breasts and sticks his fingers in her mouth. She spits on his bone, strokes it and turns around so he can jam it up her snatch and drive her home. Jordynn takes it deep and Carlos keeps the fast bang pace going. She rides his cock both ways then sits in the chair and gets plowed again. At no time does our dynamic duo come up for air. See More of Jordynn LuXXX at XLGIRLS.COM!. Holly stretches sweaters & dicks Holly Stretches Sweaters & Dicks There had only been one dick in Holly Halston's well-have sexual intercourseed, tight vagina for over ten years--the dick of her husband Troy. Holly and Troy decided to let SCORE studs have a go at her for the first time in her porn career. After the success of the DVD My Wife Your Meat, a movie that marked the first time Holly opened for the poles of other men in her MILF vagina and deeply drilled asshole, Holly decided to keep the momentum going and have sexual intercourse other porn performers.   In this scene, Holly tries on the tightest top to make her boobs look spectacular. Her boobs look so hot that her have sexual intercourse partner of the day can't wait to slam her into the next room. And he does. This scene is on DVD in Sweater Stretchers. voluminous boobs. A tight sweater. An excellent nasty hardcore slut with a filthy mouth and glamour girl looks. Hot porn sex. What more do you needSee More of Holly Halston at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!. Leanne crow - shaken not stirred Shaken Not Stirred Every man would prefer to have a bartender exactly like SCORE covergirl Leanne Crow. Think of all the cocktails you would order. You'd never order a bottle of anything again. Not the way Leanne makes cocktails. She shakes them well!What's Leanne's idea of a perfect evening I'm a cruel romantic so my perfect evening would be for a guy to sweep me off my feet. I like fun dates. I like a confident but not egotistical man to be affectionate and enjoy a candle-lit dinner with a charming view, followed by an evening of snuggles and good conversation!  See More of Leanne Crow at LEANNECROWVIDEOS.COM!. Kelly kay - mini flirt Mini Flirt If this is Kelly Kay's idea of a casual outfit, suitable for, let's say, grocery shopping or picking up the dry cleaning, we can only assume that there are hard traffic jams on the streets of Liverpool, England, every time she runs errands dressed in a elegant mini-skirt and even tinier top. Of course, you get to see her remove her outfit, and no matter how brief her clothes are, there's no denying she looks even finer with them off.See More of Kelly Kay at BUSTYKELLYKAY.COM!. Sapphira chanel Sapphira Chanel Welcome back to BootyLicious, Sapphira. You're looking good in that thongkini. You like it I bought it for my trip to Miami and when I put it on, the guys on the beach went totally crazy. They wouldn't leave me alone the whole time I was laying out. It was funny because they all kept asking me the same thing. They all wanted to know if I needed any help putting some sunblock on my back. But I knew that they just wanted to pour that 'cream'.See More of Sapphira at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Garden girl Garden Girl Yow! The terrace of a swanky villa adds some scenic splendor to the already breathstopping sight of Linsey peeling off her ultra-sexy two-piece outfit. Echoing this letter below, LDM does keep her clothes on --in some fashion--for most of the photo session.  Letters to LinseysWorld: Hi, Linsey, Wow, I can't believe how hot your solo sets still are. Not many models seem to manage your sort of longevity, and maintain that fresh feel to their photo shoots! I remember seeing you perform live in Newquay, about ten years ago. You are as hot now as you were then. Would be nice to see more location shoots and to be in your clothes longer as you strip (that's how hot you are!). Keep up your excellent standards, a long time admirer, James.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Foot fanatic Foot Fanatic Ever wanted to meet a girl into feet as much as you are Well, wait no more. Sydney Silver loves feet. Hers in particular. She rubs them, massages them and lotions them, all while she fingers herself. She is so into her size 8s that just running her hands over her soles excites her. She moans as she slips her fingers through her toes and groans as she jacks her foot as if it were a large cock. This little lady appreciates peds as much as you do. So what are you waiting for Drop your pants and show Sydney you love her feet, too.See More of Sydney Silver at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Lexi summers - hot cream for a titty cunt Hot Cream For a Titty pussy Lexi Summers was 19 years old and fresh out of Texas when she took cock at XL Girls. I went to a public high school but it was in a small city so it was very conservative, Lexi said. I was always getting harassed by the principal for wearing inappropriate clothing. And a couple of times a week I was always getting in trouble for cleavage showing or something along those lines. In my high school, it was a very bad thing because I was distracting the boys from their schoolwork. Lexi started posing naked when she was 18.I was really nervous when I started modeling. Especially because I did a lot of nude photo shoots, but I had never done XXX before. I started off slowly, just posing naked and alone. But after I had done a few nude photo shoots, I got really comfortable and I thought that I could do this as a career. I am really comfortable with my anatomy and being nude in general. It's very easy for me to walk around naked. I prefer to be naked, actually.Giving suc jobs is one of Lexi's favorite things.I am one of those girls who really loves to give head. I enjoy it. I hear stories about guys who have to beg their girlfriends to suc their dicks. Not me. I would never ask a guy to beg me. I would offer to do it. I do occasionally, but most of the time, guys ask if they can finish on either my chest or my face.For a 19-year-old girl at the time, Lexi had a lot of advice for other girls about giving head.I think you need to use your hands and your mouth, and that you need to not ignore any part of the shaft. If you can't deep-throat, then you should use your hands on the rest of the penis. See More of Lexi Summers at XLGIRLS.COM!. Ines cudna - kitchen confidential Kitchen Confidential Wow! Ines picked out a very excited top and butthole to model in the kitchen for this shoot. Can you think of anything sexier for her to wear as she sips her morning coffee It was her choice to wear the little white socks and the slip-in heels that she click-clacked on the wooden floor, too. It took a lot of self-control for our photographer not to cumshot in his pants as she posed, especially since Ines was challenging and taunting him (Mainly with her eyes.) during the entire photo shoot. Later on, an entire box of bathroom tissues went missing and we speculate that the poor guy had to go, um, suc off some steam.See More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYINESCUDNA.COM!. Treats for the eye Treats For The Eye Sha is a dancer and has appeared on many variety, talk and game shows on television in Russia and the Ukraine. She is a model in commercials and ads for various products.   I have been on TV making presentations on shows and in music videos on Ukrainian and Russian TV. I enjoy this and I enjoy modeling for SCORE, Sha says.  I am happy that everyone likes me. I have read the good comments about me and it makes me feel good.See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. Chloe and heather Chloe And Heather One of Chloe's first girl-girls for the cameras was this British-lensed sapphic pair-off with Heather, an English model who was dwarfed by Chloe in the chest department. Like all girl-girl stills from that time period, there was no real insertion of tongue or finger into vagina because magazines could not print them. The same restrictions did not hold for videos, where women could truly pleasure themselves.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Tawny peaks - lady in red Lady In Red An early pictorial that captures the physical transition from Heleana to Tawny Peaks. There are characteristics of each personality in this shoot. The boobs: Tawny. The hair and make-up: Heleana. As Tawny said to fellow dancer Montana in the July 1993 SCORE. I was vacationing in Florida a few years ago, working on my tan during Spring Break at Daytona Beach, when John Graham, SCORE'S director of photography, approached me about modeling and becoming a feature entertainer. I was very shy and a little apprehensive, so I just took his phone number and blew it off. About two years later, I found his number and gave him a call and the rest is history.See More of Tawny Peaks at TAWNY-PEAKS.COM!. Eva notty - eva notty special: joystickin' Eva Notty Special: Joystickin' Eva toys herself at least twice a day. I enjoy cumming. I play with my tits while I masturbate. I like to have sex as often as possible. I'm an assertive girl and I'll initiate sex if I have to. I like a elegant kisser and I like my breasts to be handled gently with a lot of titillating touching. Lick them and suc them. Tease them and breathe on them. My nipples get cruel fast. They're very sensitive. I think foreplay is the most important part of sex. I like tit-fucking as part of foreplay too. If his penish is long enough, I can get it in my mouth while he's tit-fucking me. I like to have sex with a guy who can have multiple orgasms. But I don't like the taste of cum. I'm a spitter not a swallower. See More of Eva Notty at EVANOTTYVIDEOS.COM!. Receptionist today, porn star tomorrow Receptionist Today, Porn Star Tomorrow By day, she's a receptionist. Twenty-one years old. Lives in Miami. Nice, firm A-cup tits. But the history of the world is replete with charming young girls who were receptionists, secretaries or waitresses, caught the eye of a talent scout and went on to fame and fortune. Lynn Love just might be one of those girls. She's got the looks. And she talks a damn pleasant game. Let me show you my tits, she says, then follows through on her promise. If you like my tits, I bet you love my ass. Let me show you. That's a bet we're not making because we know we're going to be losers. But we're all winners when a chick like Lynn is taking off her clothes and stroking a heavy penish for our jacking pleasure. Lynn, you're going to be a star. And if you're not, you can come by and jack us anytime!See More of Lynn Love at NAUGHTYTUGS.COM!. Dangerous in denim Dangerous in denim You know, I really do like hearing from my female fans, Angela said. We believe Angela is a role model to other girls just like Linsey Dawn McKenzie and Lorna Morgan were role models to her.  I hear a lot from guys about how much I turn them on and how violent their cocks are, but it's a lovely change to hear from girls, to know that there are some girls watching my movies and appreciating my voluminous tits. So I do like that, and you know I love girls and eating pussy. They write that they love my face, they love my anatomy. They love how comfortable I am with my anatomy and what I do with it. How they get wet over me.  Angela is now a world-famous porn star giving keynote speeches at Australian adult expos and appearing on television, but she will always be SCORE and V-mag's girl-next-door. Whether she's Hardcore with guys or girls or showing off that fantastic bod as she is here, Angela is so hot. She was #10 in the Best of the Decade 2000-2009 and #13 in SCORE's 20th Anniversary 20 for 20 special. More power to her! See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. London andrews - tits over miami Tits Over Miami Reformatted in HD and with extra content, this extremely rare London Andrews hardcore scene is only one of two full-sex videos she did at SCORE (plus one breasts & Tugs video). That was for SCORE only. London never did another to this day although she would have been booked on the spot by a hundred studios if she had gone to Los Angeles, considering her looks and fantastic body. More of a glamour and fetish model, hardcore is not London's thing. On a typical day if you ever ran into me on the street, you'd never look twice, said London. My clothes are well broken in. The jeans are torn, my boots have seen four continents, my shirts go straight to my neck and I don't wear make-up. I do have nice things. I just wear them when I feel that I need to. I like pushy, rough sex, London said. That satisfies me just fine! I'm not a passive person in bed and I'm not a passive person in life. I have my close friends, my bottom call friends, whom I can call whenever I need to get off.  See More of London Andrews at SCORELAND.COM!. Cassandra for rent Cassandra For Rent Bros before hos Screw that, Jack. You and hos cumshot first, and your focus is on stacked babes built just like Cassandra Calogera. Now here's the question. If you were driving alone on some hillbilly road and Cassandra came out of the bushes dressed to have sex and looking for action, what would you do After you asked her what the have sex a girl like her was doing in a deserted place like this, because this sure as hell is not the Las Vegas Strip.   Our hero stops for her, waves some mean green and gets down to business on her large tits. She suc his cock like a champ in the car, then they head to his bed for a hot pipe-fitting. He busts his nut on Cassandra's large jugs and his next move is to send her on her way back to Mama or whatever the have sex her bookkeeper's name is. Cassandra was one charming ride. She may have burned a lot of his gas but she gave him plenty of soft ass. Now all he has to do is get her out of his place unless he hires her as a full-time live-in maid. That could add up but she'd be worth it.See More of Cassandra Calogera at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!.
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